Who I am

Patrick SyskaPatrick Syska

Solution-Engineer ++

Programmer ++

DBA ++

… and Freelancer :-]

What I do


Technically skilled and accomplished IT Professional looking for a rewarding and challenging position as Solution Engineer with the abilty to support programming tasks where my skills and knowledge will be utilized.

Technical Skills (excerpt):

  • Extensive knowledge of Html/CSS , Unix/ Linux platform, Php/ MySQL, JQuery, Apache Server, Ajax, SSI
  • Proficient in designing tools like Apache Frontendserver, Microsoft Project & Visio 7.0, UML
  • In-depth knowledge of programming like PHP 4.0, 5.0, PEAR, JSON, XML, XSL/ XSLT, Expat, XMLLib, IIS

How & Where to connect


Even though I love to receive old fashion handwritten letters in my mailbox, you sure have the chance to get in touch with me using all kinds of electronic channels. Thanks for getting in touch.


E-Mail: patrick . syska [at] gmail . com  |  Phone: +49 (152) 33 7 88 665


You probably expected something like a nice and handy Ajax-driven Contact-Form. Well, I was thinking about that too, but then I thought: “Why should you put even more code that exactly does the same when you can provide a simple link … and let Google Mail do the rest”. Let’s keep things clean and simple. :-]

What else

Short Notice


If you have made it this “far” it means two things to me: First, the unusual navigation buttons worked out fine and second you most probably can’t get enough information OR you have not found what you were looking for. Is there anything missing that you would have expected ? If so, please send me email and I will highly appreciate your feedback.
To all of you out there: Have a nice, pleasant & successful day :-]